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What do the Apps cost? + -

A one-off development cost for each iOS (for iPhones) and Android (Samsung’s, etc) app. Post development, there’s an annual data sync and maintenance fee.

The annual fee covers you for unlimited content updates to your app. Also covered is the data sync from your account on the Brokerapps web server to your apps.

The annual fee is invoiced initially when both iOS and Android apps are available in the app stores, and then on anniversary.

Please complete a quote request with details of your brokerage or underwriting agency and we’ll send you a development quote with all details.

Credit Cards OK for payment? + -

Yes – Visa, Mastercard and Amex can be used to pay your invoices online. Invoices are from Bark Productions Australia Pty Ltd and our Pay an Invoice online is at https://bark.productions/pay-an-invoice/

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Do my clients pay to download my app? + -

No, the apps are free for the end users.

Do the apps collect any personal information from my clients? + -

Your customers can complete and submit details to you via the app. Claims Notifications with text and images etc. These notifications are sent to you via email. The email includes a URL for you to click and view the submission data and images in a web browser.

Location Services

Some services on this app make use of location-based data. We use this information to provide the requested location-based service, not to identify you. The app collects GPS and timestamp data from the photos you send us via the Claims & Photos form. The information includes the longitude and latitude of where the photo was taken, as well as the time the photo was taken.

Google Analytics

This app uses Google Analytics.  It does not collect personal information or identify you. The use of Google Analytics is bound by the Google Analytics Terms of Service. We will add you as an Admin to the Google Analytics account do you can see how your app is being used.

Do you use Google Analytics? + -

We use Google Analytics for Apps in every app. We’ll create the account in Google Analytics and build the tracking code into your apps. Both Android data and iOS data will feed to your Analytics account. You will need a Google verified email account and we will use this as the Admin email address and login for the Analytics account. Set up a Gmail account such as brokeragename@gmail.com for this.

Can I send Push Notifications to my clients via the app? + -

Yes, Push Notifications (PN’s) are available as an inclusion with the higher annual fee. We manage the PN’s for you.

A Push Notification is a short message that’s delivered to the device that has your app installed. 140 characters including spaces.

Your customer is asked for permission to send them Push Notifications when they download the app. This preference can be managed within their device.

How are the Documents updated? + -

We manage the updates to your account on the Brokerapps server. Simply send the new documents and instructions via email and we complete within two days. All inclusive of your annual fee.

Can I change the design and colours? + -

Yes, we work with you to incorporate your branding and colour scheme, and the design work is included in the development fee. However, the general layout is not editable.

How do I get all of the information to you? + -

We will gather as much of the general information such as your locations, contact details etc from your website for you. We’ll also give you a checklist of what we need. Many of the screens such as claims – what to do, after hours, app information screens, etc. we will supply you with a standard text file to review and edit if you wish.

How do I change content and make updates? + -

All sections of the app are very flexible and we provide the service to edit most elements same day. Add/remove/edit staff, office details and content screens. Unlimited edits covered in your annual fee. Email edits to apps@brokerapps.com.au and we’ll have the updates completed within two days.

How can I promote our app once it’s been built? + -

Included in our service, we design and build promotional graphics for you to include on your website, email signature and social media platforms. Promoting the app on your website and email signatures will start to get the message out there. Include it in your social media too – we’ll supply good-looking graphics that catch the eye of those who matter most.

Can you build other more customised apps? + -

We specialise in developing insurance apps for insurance brokers and underwriting agencies. We also develop more custom solutions for cluster groups, insurance companies and organisations.

Who is Brokerapps? + -

Brokerapps Pty Ltd is a company wholly owned by Bark Productions Australia Pty Ltd. Bark Productions is a specialist production company servicing the insurance industry. We are based in Paddington in Brisbane, Australia and have been providing services to the insurance sector for over 15 years.

Can I have a look at some other apps you’ve already built? + -

Absolutely. Type ‘Brokerapps’ into the app store on iTunes or Google Play. All of our apps are available for you to download for free.. Take a look!

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